How to Break the High Income Curse

The idea that higher income equals greater long-term wealth is a common misconception. If earning a high income automatically guaranteed permanent wealth, 78 percent of NFL players wouldn’t file for

Maximize Your Tax Strategy

High-income earners face special challenges of their own. Perhaps the largest of these challenges is income tax. The higher your tax bracket, the higher percentage of your income you will

What is the Marriage Tax Penalty?

Most people consider marriage a good thing. After all, we’re social creatures who need companionship, and some medical researchers even believe marriage is related to longer and healthier lives. Tax

Special Considerations for High-Income Earners

  Budgeting, protecting your credit score, avoiding impulse spending, and planning for the future…. These financial staples are for everyone, not just those in lower income brackets. In many ways,

How to Protect Yourself from Common Tax Scams

With the most joyful time of the year behind us, you’re now getting ready for the least joyful time: Tax season. While this time of year is already stressful, certain

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Toward the end of the year, we’re all feeling a bit more festive and generous. During this time, you will probably encounter numerous opportunities to give money or gifts to

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If the rocky state of the stock market alarmed you back in August, you aren’t alone. We saw a big drop that sparked dire speculations and dramatic predictions about our

How to Survive Stock Market Drops

If the enormous stock market drop toward the end of August spooked you, you aren’t alone. The drop made headlines as the usual doomsday predictions swirled. While prices did have

4 Things to Know About Capital Gains Taxes

As you already know, any time you make a profit on the sale of an item, you are supposed to report that profit to the IRS when you file your