Unemployment is Low: What Next?

For years, we have been watching a long and sometimes frustratingly slow recovery from the Great Recession. Last year, the unemployment rate dropped down to just 4.4 percent, the lowest

Love is a Beautiful Thing… But It Can Cause Financial Mistakes

February brings us Valentine’s Day, a celebration of romantic love and (hopefully) harmony within our relationships. But because money is often cited as the number one cause of marital discord,

The Impact of Taxes in Retirement

Everyone knows that building a healthy retirement fund, investing that money wisely, and protecting it from major losses are some of the major keys to a secure retirement. Who wouldn’t

Another Retirement Savings Opportunity for High Income Individuals

If you enjoy a higher income bracket than the average person planning for retirement, many people might consider you lucky. And yet, you face special challenges of your own. You

Build a Better Retirement Income

  At this time in your life, you’re probably counting down the minutes until you can retire. And yet, it’s also very normal to feel worried about having enough money