Are You Living the Retirement of Your Dreams?

Have you crossed the finish line, and you’re now enjoying your retirement years? Or, are you getting closer to your own retirement, and looking ahead to what the future has in store? Either way, keep in mind that most people experience a period of readjustment after they retire, as they learn to live a very different life. Sometimes, what we envisioned doesn’t come to pass, or we find that we don’t enjoy it as much as we pictured.

That’s okay! Life is all about continually re-evaluating and making adjustments, and retirement is no different. If you’re not completely satisfied at any point during your retirement years, you aren’t locked into your current life. Keep these principles in mind, both now and in the future.

Retirement isn’t the end of the “race”. Because people do view retirement as crossing an imaginary finish line, some people think they’ll just collapse and rest after they cross it. But really, few people are happy without a full and active life. Retirement isn’t a time to “do nothing”; it’s a time of freedom to do whatever you want!

Plans can change. Maybe you originally wanted to travel a lot in retirement, but now you find yourself missing home. Or perhaps you wanted to spend your days playing golf, but you’re growing tired of the sport. There is nothing wrong with admitting you don’t enjoy your retirement goals as much as you envisioned years ago. You can choose new goals.

Retirement is the best time to try new things. Free of career objectives or restrictions on your time, you can now pursue whatever interests you. Take a class, join a community group, or venture to a unique vacation destination. If something strikes your fancy, give it a try.

Become an active participant. It’s very likely that you will be happier “doing” than “watching”. If you’ve always enjoyed art museums, try a painting class. If you love the theater, join a community acting troupe. Activities keep you more socially engaged, and most people are happier in life when they’re experiencing new things.

Reinventing your retirement might, at times, require lifestyle changes. If you need to reevaluate your financial priorities or investment decisions, schedule an appointment with us. We can discuss your new goals and work them into your retirement income plan.

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