Weeekly Market Update 12/04/2018

U.S. Treasury note yields were up at the start of the week as investors favored risk assets. On Monday, the 10-year Treasury note yield had its largest one-day gain in

Market Update 11/20/2018

U.S. Treasury note yields dropped early in the week as investors favored safe haven assets. The bond markets are digesting uncertainty from numerous sources. The Italian government refused to revise

Sawyer Quarterly Fall 2018

In this edition of Sawyer Quarterly, explore how rising interest rates can affect you and the economy at large, take a look at whether private equity investing is something you should consider, and learn about how small businesses can make take small steps to market themselves more effectively.

Brian Pacen Wins Esteemed 5 Star Award

It is a pleasure to announce that Brian Pacen has received the prestigious Five Star Professional Award in the category “wealth management”. The award is administered out of Minneapolis, MN,

Here’s a reminder that stock-market corrections don’t always become bear markets

A market correction is often defined as a 10% pullback from a recent peak. Using that as a yardstick, the S&P 500 is about 2 percentage points away from joining

Charles Sawyer Jr. Wins Prestigious 5 Star Award

  We’re proud to announce that Charles Sawyer has received the 2019 Five Star Professional Award. The award is administered out of Minneapolis, MN, by a research firm, Crescendo Business

Weekly Market Update 10/23/2018

United States Treasuries yields continue to move higher among Federal Reserve rate increases and a healthy economy. In many of last week’s bank earnings reports, the higher yields were seen

Weekly Market Update 10/03/2018

U.S. Treasury bond prices pushed lower at the beginning of the week, as investors waited for the Federal Open Market Committee’s fed-funds rate decision. Two and 10-year U.S. Treasury yields

Weekly Market Update 9/18/2018

Treasury prices dropped moderately over the course of the week on increased supply of short-term debt. On Tuesday, an offering of short-term treasuries, which are most vulnerable to interest rate increases,