Brian Pacen Wins Esteemed 5 Star Award

It is a pleasure to announce that Brian Pacen has received the prestigious Five Star Professional Award in the category “wealth management”. The award is administered out of Minneapolis, MN,

Here’s a reminder that stock-market corrections don’t always become bear markets

A market correction is often defined as a 10% pullback from a recent peak. Using that as a yardstick, the S&P 500 is about 2 percentage points away from joining

Charles Sawyer Jr. Wins Prestigious 5 Star Award

  We’re proud to announce that Charles Sawyer has received the 2019 Five Star Professional Award. The award is administered out of Minneapolis, MN, by a research firm, Crescendo Business

Q2 2018 Market Commentary

Market volatility waxed and waned as concern about trade protectionism and global growth percolated. A solid US economic and corporate backdrop-boosted by tax cuts and fiscal stimulus led to continued

Sawyer Quarterly Summer 2018

As 2007 drew to a close, many Americans eagerly anticipated their upcoming retirement dates. After all, roughly 10,000 Baby Boomers retire daily. But by the end of 2008, many of

When Is the Right Time for You to Take Social Security?

If retirement is right around the corner for you, then you likely have some big decisions on your plate. One of those decisions may be when to file for Social

Do You Have a Plan for Tax-Free Income in Retirement?

Financial stability is a critical element in any happy retirement. After all, retirement is the time when you’re supposed to kick back, relax and spend time doing all the things

Retirement Planning Tips for the End of Your Career

Are you entering the last decade of your career? For many people, the final 10 years before retirement are filled with a mix of excitement and stress. On one hand,

Why Everyone Needs an Estate Plan

According to a recent study from Rocket Lawyer, 64 percent of Americans don’t have a will.1 A will is the most basic element of any estate plan. If you don’t