Market Update 5/29/2019

U.S. Treasury yields rallied on Friday after geopolitical turmoil continued to rattle financial markets last week. President Donald Trump mentioned the United States would be willing to pull back its ban against Huawei Technologies Inc. as part of a trade deal.

Market Update 5/14/2019

Yields fell last week on softer-than-expected inflation data and an escalation in trade tensions between the U.S. and China, with the yield on the U.S. 10-year Treasury ending the week below 2.50%.

Market Update 5/1/2019

Treasury prices rose over the course of the week on economic news and lower inflation expectations. On Wednesday, the German Ifo Business Climate Index fell 0.5 points, drawing concerns about the German economy and increasing the appetite for U.S.

Market Update 4/23/2019

Despite the Mueller report leading news last Thursday, it was a fairly benign week for Treasuries. The variable rate municipal-bond market leapt last week, however; likely from retail investors using the bonds as funding for paying their tax bills.

Market Update 4/3/2019

Bond prices continued to rally last week as the market digests lower rate expectations. Concurrent to rising bond prices, the yield curve has flattened through the first quarter of 2019.

Market Update 3/22/2019

U.S. government bond prices were up slightly last week, and the 10-year Treasury yield moved below 2.60% from nearly 3.25% in November 2018 as weaker-than-expected economic and inflation data increased

Market Upate 2/26/2019

Treasury prices were relatively unchanged over the course of the week as investors weighed the minutes from the Federal Reserve meeting and kept an eye on U.S.-China trade talks. The