What If I Need to Take an Early Withdrawal?

It’s a common question: I’ve been saving for retirement for years now, but hard times have hit. I need to withdraw some of my money. Will I be penalized? When

Empty Nesters Can Build Big Savings

Many couples report that the “empty nest” years are some of the best of their lives, both personally and financially. As children grow up and leave home, parents find themselves

Are You Ready for Medicare Open Enrollment?

October 15 marks and important date for many retirees. Medicare will be running its annual Open Enrollment period, a time during which participants can make changes to their coverage depending

Scams Target the Retirement Community

Each year, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) receives nearly one million reports of fraud. As the agency investigates these scams and attempts to educate the public, con artists quickly alter

An Exit Strategy for Business Owners

About 60 percent of small business owners were born before 1964, which means a large number of them will be reaching retirement age over the next decade or so. At

Will My Pension Affect My Social Security Benefits?

If you’re planning your retirement around a combination of income from Social Security benefits and a pension from your job, you aren’t alone. This is a common plan, and for

Retirement for Women

Even though the last century has brought greater career opportunities for women, they still tend to make less money than men over their lifetimes. Since women tend to outlive men,

More Milestone Birthdays

When you think of milestone birthdays, you might remember becoming able to drive at 16, eligible to vote at 18, or allowed to purchase alcohol at 21. As we grow

Utilizing Rollovers to Defer Taxes

If you’re receiving a distribution from a retirement account, you face the choice of paying lump-sum taxes or utilizing a rollover to defer taxes. While some special options exist to