5 Times You Should Check Your Credit Report

You could think of your personal credit report as a health history for your finances. But unlike your actual health history, which is unlikely to fall prey to tampering, your

Unemployment is Low: What Next?

For years, we have been watching a long and sometimes frustratingly slow recovery from the Great Recession. Last year, the unemployment rate dropped down to just 4.4 percent, the lowest

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February brings us Valentine’s Day, a celebration of romantic love and (hopefully) harmony within our relationships. But because money is often cited as the number one cause of marital discord,

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Every day, or at least every few days, the vast majority of us check our local weather forecasts. We need to know how cold the weather will be, or whether

Have You Prepared for the Unknown?

  Most of our clients are the financially savvy type. You keep up with current economic news, you research stocks before diving in, and you understand risk versus reward. High

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In the past, those inheriting large estates often faced severe taxation. These situations often prompted wealthier individuals to pursue some complicated, creative estate planning maneuvers aimed at avoiding the bulk

Does the New Tax Plan Affect Your Deductions?

As you have probably heard by now, in December Congress finally passed a sweeping reform to our income tax system. While many of the bill’s effects remain to be fully

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How Your Income During Retirement Can Affect Social Security Benefits

For many of our clients, an earlier retirement is both appealing and possible. You’ve established a sizable portfolio for yourself, and your retirement income should be generous enough to provide