An IRA Serves a Variety of Purposes

As you plan for retirement, you will confront a variety of options from 401(k) funds, to annuities, to Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). Some people just go with whatever is available

Another Valuable Retirement Planning Strategy

If you’ve been following our advice, you’re maxing out your retirement plan contributions each year. That’s a great start to a comfortable retirement, and you’ll no doubt pat yourself on

Streamline Your Personal Accounting

Don’t you just love sitting down to balance your accounts and pay the bills? Well, no, probably not. Of all household chores, many people list personal accounting as one of

Smart Decisions Lead to a More Secure Future

You sell a valuable collector’s item. You receive an inheritance. You land a major account at work, leading to an impressive bonus. Your trip to Vegas results in a surprise

A Simple Way to Protect Your Assets

Imagine that you have an accident on the road, and another driver or their passengers are injured. You might believe that your auto insurance policy protects you from all possible

Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

Last year, con artists managed to nab $21 billion dollars through identity fraud or theft schemes. While anyone could be a target of identity theft these days, a primary target

How Could Trump’s Tax Proposal Affect You?

President Trump recently released his income tax proposals, as part of his planned budget overhaul. While no changes have yet been approved, you might be wondering how any alterations to

8 Things to Consider on the Road to Retirement

When you were a kid, being “an adult” probably seemed light years away. Remember looking at a 30-year-old, and thinking how “old” they were? It’s a pretty amusing thought now,

4 Reasons to Scrutinize Your Bank Statements

As busy as you are, it can be easy to let some “unnecessary” tasks slide. You’re not exactly in danger of overdrawing your bank account, so it can be tempting