Legacy Planning

Protect The Ones You Love

Like many clients, you may not only want to prepare for retirement, but also create a plan to help ensure your loved ones are protected long after you pass. If you’re looking to leave a legacy to your children, grandchildren or a charity of choice, we can help make it happen.

The Legacy You Leave

Is The Key To Their Future

We’re committed to helping you eliminate uncertainties and ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes.

After completing a comprehensive analysis to determine your goals and values, we’ll present strategies that make sense for your unique situation. Then, we’ll develop a plan that considers current financial planning and gifting laws to maximize your legacy – while minimizing the tax burden that you leave with those who matter most.

Tax minimization strategies and investments are key to ensuring the sum of your legacy has the intended impact on the people and causes you cherish. The professionals at Sawyer Wealth Management employ solutions specific to your circumstances such as charitable remainder trusts, Roth conversions, income deferral, splitting, and spreading and more.

From wills and trusts to beneficiary designations and powers of attorney, our team of service professionals will help make thorough preparations for covering all aspects of your legacy planning. Furthermore, we’ll help you streamline the process of organizing the documents and financial statements needed to keep your loved ones out of court.

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“Our job is to go above and beyond to assist clients with every aspect of financial planning. When doing something as important as preparing for the future, you shouldn’t have to go it alone. We’re dedicated to providing security, protecting your legacy and promoting your financial well-being.”

– Charles Sawyer, Jr. | Founder & President