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Sawyer Wealth Management

Sawyer Wealth Management was founded in 2001 by Charles Sawyer. After decades of working for large financial services firms, Charles saw an opportunity to create his own company, one that reflected his deeply held respect for others and unwavering commitment to service.

Initially named Meridian Financial Resources, he soon realized that a more personal business identity would better reflect his vision. He changed the name to The Sawyer Group and over time developed a comprehensive collection of financial services.

During this time Charles was helping his ailing father navigate the Veteran’s Administration when he became deeply concerned about the lack of information, resources and treatment options offered to veterans. He became an ardent advocate for veterans’ causes and through his work on their behalf, he developed a welcoming network of veterans and their families who eventually turned to him for financial counsel.

Overtime, his remarkable dedication to the well-being of his clients inspired many referrals. Those referrals became the foundation from which Sawyer Wealth Management has evolved into a growing company that continues to put its clients first and go above and beyond to preserve their clients’ peace of mind. 

“When doing something as important as preparing for the future, you shouldn’t have to go it alone.”




Sawyer Wealth Management is a family of wealth management professionals dedicated to helping you achieve financial security and plan for your legacy. It is our main belief that this is your money and choosing an experienced team to assist you in navigating your financial future is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

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